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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Structure provides the telephone Serving System information.
  • srv_status        : Service status (SERVICE/NO SERVICE) of the system
  • srv_domain        : service domain registered on the system
  • srv_capability    : system's service capability
  • sys_mode          : system's mode
  • roam_status       : Indicate current roaming status
  • sys_id            : ID of the selected system
  • rssi              : RSSI in positive dBm i.e 75 means
  • hdr_hybrid        : system is operating in hybrid mode with HDR (1xEvDo)
  • tssinfo_version   : Version of AEETSSInfo structure. Starting version is 0. Version is 
                           revised to be 1 with the introduction of wlan_rssi, ccs_supported
                           and p_rev_in_use members.
  • hdr_srv_status    : indicates current HDR service status
  • hdr_roam_status   : indicates current hybrid HDR roaming status
  • hdr_rssi          : HDR RSSI in positive dBm i.e. 75 means
  • wlan_rssi         : WLAN RSSI in positive dBm i.e. 75 means -75dBm. Valid only if 
                           tssinfo_version is 1.
  • sim_state         : Current state of SIM card
  • plmn_forbidden    : indicates whether the PLMN is forbidden
  • mm_information    : Mobility management information i.e. network
  • band_class        : cellular or PCS band class
  • block_or_system   : PCS frequency
  • is_registered     : is mobile registered on the current system
  • uz_id             : User zone identificaion of the selected user zone
  • uz_name           : User zone name of the selected user zone
  • ccs_supported     : is concurrent services supported.  Valid only if 
                           tssinfo_version is 1.
  • p_rev_in_use      : 8  bit p_rev in use the lessor of BS p_rev and mobile p_rev. 
                           Valid only if tssinfo_version is 1.
  • typedef struct {
       AEETSrvStatus              srv_status;
       AEETSrvDomain              srv_domain;
       AEETSrvCapability          srv_capability;
       AEETSysMode                sys_mode;
       AEETRoamStatus             roam_status;
       AEETSysID                  sys_id;
       uint16                     rssi;
       boolean                    hdr_hybrid;
       uint8                      tssinfo_version;
       AEETSrvStatus              hdr_srv_status;
       AEETRoamStatus             hdr_roam_status;
       uint16                     hdr_rssi;
       uint16                     wlan_rssi;
       AEETSIMState               sim_state;
       boolean                    plmn_forbidden;
       AEETMMInfo                 mm_information;
       AEETSysBandClass           band_class;
       AEETSysBlocks              block_or_system;
       boolean                    is_registered;
       int32                      uz_id;
       AEETUZName                 uz_name;
       boolean                    ccs_supported;
       uint8                      p_rev_in_use;
    } AEETSSInfo;