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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Data structure used to program the system selection preference.
  • mode_pref : mode preference. Set it to AEET_MODE_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing.
  • pref_term : designate the mode span.
  • pref_duration : preference duration in seconds when pref_term is AEET_PREF_TERM_1_CALL_OR_TIME.
  • acq_order_pref : acquisition order. Set it to AEET_GW_ACQ_ORDER_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing
  • band_pref : band preference. Set it to AEET_BAND_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing.
  • roam_pref : system selection roam preference. Set it to AEET_ROAM_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing.
  • hybr_pref : system selection hybrid preference. Set it to AEET_HYBR_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing.
  • srv_domain_pref : service domain being requested. Set it to AEET_SRV_DOMAIN_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing.
  • nw_sel_mode_pref : whether the network should be selected automatically. Set it to AEET_NETWORK_SEL_MODE_PREF_NO_CHANGE when not changing.
  • plmn : identifies the Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN). When not changing MEMSET it to 0xFF.
  • typedef struct {
       AEETModePref                     mode_pref;
       AEETPrefTerm                     pref_term;
       uint32                           pref_duration;
       AEETAcqOrderPref                 acq_order_pref;
       AEETBandPref                     band_pref;
       AEETRoamPref                     roam_pref;
       AEETHybrPref                     hybr_pref;
       AEETServDomPref                  srv_domain_pref;
       AEETNwSelModePref                nw_sel_mode_pref;
       AEETPLMNID                       plmn;
    } AEETSystemPreference;