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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The physical layer of some devices may support various modes of data communication. This data type provides information about whether lower-latency communication is possible when data network is asleep instead of waiting for complete wakeup in order to send a user datagram. Pass this struct as pOptVal to INetwork_GetOpt().
  • bUrgentSupported: TRUE if data may be deliverable while data network is asleep,, FALSE if not.
  • nUrgentLimit: Maximum number of bytes of user data which may be sent per packet in this mode.
  •    typedef struct AEEUDPUrgent
          boolean bUrgentSupported;
          uint16  nUrgentLimit;
       } AEEUDPUrgent;
The flag and limit are only advisory. It may be that data will end up blocking for data network wakeup anyway even if bUrgentSupported is TRUE. Similarly, the actual supported urgent payload limit may be smaller than offered, and can be context and environment dependent.