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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Specifies the data for Photo/Logo/Sound/Key/Agent.
  • pData                  : Actual data provided.
  •    typedef struct
          AEEVValueType      nValueType;
          uint32             dwDataSize;
          void               *pData;
Photo : To specify an image or photograph information that annotates some aspect of the object the vCard represents. Ex: PHOTO;VALUE=uri:http://www.abc.com/pub/photos/jqpublic.gif. nValueTpe = AEEVVALUE_URI; dwDataSize and pData is filled according to PHOTO value. Ex: PHOTO;ENCODING=b;TYPE=JPEG:MIICajCCAdOgAwIBAgICBEUwDQYJKoZIhvcN AQEEBQAwdzELMAkGA1UEBhMCVVMxLDAqBgNVBAoTI05ldHNjYXBlIENvbW11bm ljYXRpb25zIENvcnBvcmF0aW9uMRwwGgYDVQQLExNJbmZvcm1hdGlvbiBTeXN0 <...remainder of "B" encoded binary data...>. nValueTpe = AEEVVALUE_BINARY; dwDataSize = size of memory required to store the value pData = the actual data itself, NULL terminated Agent : Ex: AGENT;VALUE=uri:CID:JQPUBLIC.part3.960129T083020.xyzMail@host3.com nValueTpe = AEEVVALUE_URI; dwDataSize and pData is filled according to AGENT value. Ex: AGENT:BEGIN:VCARD\nFN:Susan Thomas\nTEL:+1-919-555-1234\n EMAIL\;INTERNET:sthomas@host.com\nEND:VCARD\n nValueTpe = AEEVVALUE_CARD; pData is filled with IvCard pointer. Similarly for LOGO, SOUND & KEY, If ENCODING type is binary then nValueTpe is filled with AEEVVALUE_BINARY else 0. If user passes this function for Parse value, he would get the members filled. The user should free this memory once he is done.