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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Specifies supported parameters.
  • AEEVPARM_ALTREP            :  The parameter specifies a URI that points to
                                     an alternate representation for a textual
                                     property value
  • AEEVPARM_CHARSET           :  It is used to identify the default character
                                     set used within the body part.
  • AEEVPARM_CN                :  The parameter specifies the common name to be
                                     associated with the calendar user specified by
                                     the property
  • AEEVPARM_CUTYPE            :  The parameter identifies the type of calendar
                                     user specified by the property.
  • AEEVPARM_DELEGATED_FROM    :  This parameter can be specified on a property
                                     that has a value type of calendar address
  • AEEVPARM_DELEGATED_TO      :  This parameter specifies those calendar users
                                     whom have been delegated participation in a
                                     group scheduled event or to-do by the calendar
                                     user specified by the property
  • AEEVPARM_DIR               :  The parameter specifies a reference to the
                                     directory entry associated with the calendar
                                     user specified by the property
  • AEEVPARM_ENCODING          :  The property parameter identifies the inline
                                     encoding used in a property value
  • AEEVPARM_EXPECT            :  To indicate the expectation of the attendee’s
                                     participation by the originator.
  • AEEVPARM_EXTENDED          :  The parameter is of a extended type
  • AEEVPARM_FBTYPE            :  The parameter specifies the free or busy time
  • AEEVPARM_FMTTYPE           :  The parameter specifies the content type 
                                     of the referenced object
  • AEEVPARM_LANG              :  The parameter identifies the language of the
                                     text in the property or property parameter
  • AEEVPARM_MEMBER            :  The parameter identifies the groups or list
                                     membership for the calendar user specified by
                                     the property
  • AEEVPARM_PARTSTAT          :  The parameter identifies the participation
                                     status for the calendar user specified by the
                                     property value
  • AEEVPARM_RANGE             :  The parameter specifies the effective range of
                                     recurrence instances that is specified by the
  • AEEVPARM_RELATED           :  The parameter specifies whether the alarm will
                                     trigger relative to the start or end of the
                                     calendar component
  • AEEVPARM_RELTYPE           :  The parameter specifies the hierarchical
                                     relationship type of the calendar component
                                     referenced by the property
  • AEEVPARM_ROLE              :  The parameter specifies the participation
                                     role for the calendar user specified by the
                                     property in the group schedule calendar
  • AEEVPARM_RSVP              :  The parameter identifies the expectation of a
                                     reply from the calendar user specified by the
                                     property value
  • AEEVPARM_SENTBY            :  The parameter specifies the calendar user 
                                     that is acting on behalf of the calendar user
                                     specified by the property
  • AEEVPARM_STATUS            :  Indicates the status of the attendee’s
                                     participation in the event or todo,
  • AEEVPARM_TYPE              :  Specifies the type of the property
  • AEEVPARM_TZID              :  To specify the identifier for the time zone
                                     definition for a time component in the
                                     property value
  • AEEVPARM_VALUE             :  To explicitly specify the data type format for
                                     a property value
       #define AEEVPARM_ALTREP          0x00000001
       #define AEEVPARM_CHARSET         0x00000002
       #define AEEVPARM_CN              0x00000003
       #define AEEVPARM_CUTYPE          0x00000004
       #define AEEVPARM_DELEGATED_FROM  0x00000005
       #define AEEVPARM_DELEGATED_TO    0x00000006
       #define AEEVPARM_DIR             0x00000007
       #define AEEVPARM_ENCODING        0x00000008
       #define AEEVPARM_EXPECT          0x00000009
       #define AEEVPARM_EXTENDED        0x0000000a
       #define AEEVPARM_FBTYPE          0x0000000b
       #define AEEVPARM_FMTTYPE         0x0000000c
       #define AEEVPARM_LANG            0x0000000d
       #define AEEVPARM_MEMBER          0x0000000e
       #define AEEVPARM_PARTSTAT        0x0000000f
       #define AEEVPARM_RANGE           0x00000010
       #define AEEVPARM_RELATED         0x00000011
       #define AEEVPARM_RELTYPE         0x00000012
       #define AEEVPARM_ROLE            0x00000013
       #define AEEVPARM_RSVP            0x00000014
       #define AEEVPARM_SENTBY          0x00000015
       #define AEEVPARM_STATUS          0x00000016
       #define AEEVPARM_TYPE            0x00000017
       #define AEEVPARM_TZID            0x00000018
       #define AEEVPARM_VALUE           0x00000019
       typedef uint32 AEEVParameter;