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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Specifies the property types.
  • AEEVPROPERTY_AALARM          : This property defines an audio reminder for the 
                                      vCalendar entity.
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ACTION          : This property defines the action to be invoked
                                      when an alarm is triggered
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ATTACH          : The property provides the capability to
                                      associate a document object with a calendar
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ATTENDEE        : This property defines an "Attendee" within a
                                      calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_CALSCALE        : This property defines the calendar scale used
                                      for the calendar information specified in the
                                      iCalendar object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_CATEGORIES      : This property defines the categories for a
                                      calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_CLASS           : This property defines the access
                                      classification for a calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_COMMENT         : This property specifies non-processing
                                      information intended to provide a comment to
                                      the calendar user
  • AEEVPROPERTY_CONTACT         : This property is used to represent contact
                                      information or alternately a reference to
                                      contact information associated with the
                                      calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_CREATED         : This property specifies the date and time that
                                      the calendar information was created by the
                                      calendar user agent in the calendar store
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DALARM          : This property defines a display reminder for
                                      the vCalendar entity.
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DAYLIGHT        : This property defines the daylight savings
                                      time rule observed by the “home” calendar
                                      system that created the vCalendar entity
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DCOMPLETED      : This property defines the date and time that
                                      the todo was actually completed
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DCREATED        : This property specifies the date and time that
                                      the vCalendar entity was created within the
                                      originating calendar system
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DESCRIPTION     : This property provides a more complete
                                      description of the calendar component, than
                                      that provided by the "SUMMARY" property
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DTEND           : This property specifies the date and time
                                      that a calendar component ends
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DTSTAMP         : The property indicates the date/time that the
                                      instance of the iCalendar object was created
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DTSTART         : This property specifies when the calendar
                                      component begins
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DUE             : This property defines the date and time that a
                                      to-do is expected to be completed
  • AEEVPROPERTY_DURATION        : The property specifies a positive duration of
  • AEEVPROPERTY_EXDATE          : This property defines the list of date/time
                                      exceptions for a recurring calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_EXRULE          : This property defines a rule or repeating
                                      pattern for an exception to a recurrence set
  • AEEVPROPERTY_EXTENDED        : This property defines a a non-standard
                                      extended property
  • AEEVPROPERTY_FREEBUSY        : The property defines one or more free or busy
                                      time intervals
  • AEEVPROPERTY_GEO             : This property specifies information related to
                                      the global position for the activity specified
  • AEEVPROPERTY_LASTMODIFIED    : The property specifies the date and time that
                                      the information associated with the calendar
                                      component was last revised in the calendar
  • AEEVPROPERTY_LOCATION        : The property defines the intended venue for
                                      the activity defined by a calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_MALARM          : This property defines an email address that
                                      is to be sent a reminder for the vCalendar
  • AEEVPROPERTY_METHOD          : This property defines the iCalendar object
                                      method associated with the calendar object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ORGANIZER       : The property defines the organizer for a
                                      calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_PALARM          : This property defines a procedure reminder for
                                      the vCalendar entity.
  • AEEVPROPERTY_PERCENT         : This property is used by an assignee or
                                      delegatee of a to-do to convey the percent
                                      completion of a to-do to the Organizer
  • AEEVPROPERTY_PRIORITY        : The property defines the relative priority for
                                      a calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_PRODID          : This property specifies the identifier for the
                                      product that created the iCalendar object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RDATE           : This property defines the list of date/times
                                      for a recurrence set
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RECUR_ID        : This property is used in conjunction with the
                                      "UID" and "SEQUENCE" property to identify a
                                      specific instance of a recurring "VEVENT",
                                      "VTODO" or "VJOURNAL" calendar component. The
                                      property value is the effective value of the
                                      "DTSTART" property of the recurrence instance
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RELATED         : The property is used to represent a
                                      relationship or reference between one calendar
                                      component and another
  • AEEVPROPERTY_REPEAT          : This property defines the number of time the
                                      alarm should be repeated, after the initial
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RESOURCES       : This property defines the equipment or
                                      resources anticipated for an activity
                                      specified by a calendar entity
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RNUM            : The property defines the number of times the
                                      calendar entry will reoccur
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RRULE           : This property defines a rule or repeating
                                      pattern for recurring events, to-dos, or
                                      time zone definitions
  • AEEVPROPERTY_RSTATUS         : This property, REQUEST-STATUS, defines the
                                      status code returned for a scheduling request
  • AEEVPROPERTY_SEQUENCE        : This property defines the revision sequence
                                      number of the calendar component within a
                                      sequence of revisions
  • AEEVPROPERTY_SORTSTRING      : To specify the family name or given name text
                                      to be used for national-language-specific
                                      sorting of the FN and N types
  • AEEVPROPERTY_STATUS          : This property defines the overall status or
                                      confirmation for the calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_SUMMARY         : This property defines a short summary or
                                      subject for the calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TIMEZONE        : This property specifies the standard time zone
                                      of the “home” system that created the
                                      vCalendar object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TRANSP          : This property defines whether an event is
                                      transparent or not to busy time searches
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TRIGGER         : This property specifies when an alarm will
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TZID            : This property specifies the text value that
                                      uniquely identifies the "VTIMEZONE" calendar
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TZNAME          : This property specifies the customary
                                      designation for a time zone description
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TZOFFSETFROM    : This property specifies the offset which is
                                      in use prior to this time zone observance
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TZOFFSETTO      : This property specifies the offset which is
                                      in use in this time zone observance
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TZURL           : The TZURL provides a means for a VTIMEZONE
                                      component to point to a network location that
                                      can be used to retrieve an up-to-date version
                                      of itself
  • AEEVPROPERTY_UID             : This property defines the persistent, globally
                                      unique identifier for the calendar component
  • AEEVPROPERTY_URL             : This property defines a Uniform Resource
                                      Locator (URL) associated with the iCalendar
  • AEEVPROPERTY_VERSION         : This property specifies the version of the
                                      calendar or vCard object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_XRULE           : This property defines a rule or repeating
                                      pattern for an exception to a recurring
                                      vCalendar entity
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ADR             : The property value consists of components of
                                      the address specified as positional fields
                                      separated by the Field Delimiter
  • AEEVPROPERTY_AGENT           : This property specifies information about
                                      another person who will act on behalf of the
                                      vCard object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_BIRTHDATE       : This property specifies the date of birth of
                                      the individual associated with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_EMAIL           : This property specifies the address for
                                      electronic mail communication with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_FN              : This property specifies the formatted name
                                      string associated with the vCard object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_KEY             : This property specifies the public encryption
                                      key associated with the vCard object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_LABEL           : This property specifies the addressing label
                                      for physical delivery to the person/object
                                      associated with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_LOGO            : This property specifies an image or graphic
                                      of the logo of the organization that is
                                      associated with the individual to which the
                                      vCard belongs
  • AEEVPROPERTY_MAILER          : This property parameter specifies the type of
                                      electronic mail software that is in use by the
                                      individual associated with the vCard object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_NAME            : This property specifies a structured
                                      representation of the name of the person,
                                      place or thing associated with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_NICKNAME        : To specify the text corresponding to the
                                      nickname of the object the vCard represents
  • AEEVPROPERTY_NOTE            : To specify supplemental information or a
                                      comment that is associated with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ORG             : To specify the organizational name and units
                                      associated with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_PHOTO           : This property specifies an image or photograph
                                      of the individual associated with the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_REV             : This property specifies the combination of
                                      the calendar date and time of day of the last
                                      update to the vCard object
  • AEEVPROPERTY_ROLE            : To specify information concerning the role,
                                      occupation,or business category of the object
                                      the vCard represents
  • AEEVPROPERTY_SOUND           : To specify a digital sound content information
                                      that annotates some aspect of the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TEL             : To specify the telephone number for telephony
                                      communication with the object the vCard
  • AEEVPROPERTY_TITLE           : To specify the job title, functional position
                                      or function of the object the vCard represents
  • AEEVPROPERTY_IMPP            : To specify the URI for instant messaging
  • AEEVPROPERTY_OID             : The object id internally which BREW identifies
                                      each object uniquely
  • AEEVPROPERTY_XCOMPNAME       : This property would be present in only extended
                                      components whose name would start with "X-". To know
                                      name of the extended component, users can retrieve
                                      this property and do a GetName.
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_AALARM         0x00000001
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ACTION         0x00000002
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ATTACH         0x00000003
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ATTENDEE       0x00000004
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_CALSCALE       0x00000005
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_CATEGORIES     0x00000006
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_CLASS          0x00000007
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_COMMENT        0x00000008
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_CONTACT        0x00000009
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_CREATED        0x0000000a
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DALARM         0x0000000b
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DAYLIGHT       0x0000000c
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DCOMPLETED     0x0000000d
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DCREATED       0x0000000e
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DESCRIPTION    0x0000000f
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DTEND          0x00000010
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DTSTAMP        0x00000011
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DTSTART        0x00000012
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DUE            0x00000013
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_DURATION       0x00000014
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_EXDATE         0x00000015
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_EXRULE         0x00000016
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_EXTENDED       0x00000017
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_FREEBUSY       0x00000018
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_GEO            0x00000019
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_LASTMODIFIED   0x0000001a   
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_LOCATION       0x0000001b
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_MALARM         0x0000001c
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_METHOD         0x0000001d
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ORGANIZER      0x0000001e
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_PALARM         0x0000001f
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_PERCENT        0x00000020
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_PRIORITY       0x00000021
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_PRODID         0x00000022
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RDATE          0x00000023
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RECUR_ID       0x00000024
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RELATED        0x00000025
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_REPEAT         0x00000026
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RESOURCES      0x00000027
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RNUM           0x00000028
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RRULE          0x00000029
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_RSTATUS        0x0000002a
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_SEQUENCE       0x0000002b
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_SORTSTRING     0x0000002c
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_STATUS         0x0000002d
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_SUMMARY        0x0000002e
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TIMEZONE       0x0000002f
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TRANSP         0x00000030
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TRIGGER        0x00000031
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TZID           0x00000032
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TZNAME         0x00000033
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TZOFFSETFROM   0x00000034
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TZOFFSETTO     0x00000035
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TZURL          0x00000036
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_UID            0x00000037
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_URL            0x00000038
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_VERSION        0x00000039
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_XRULE          0x0000003a
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ADR            0x0000003b
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_AGENT          0x0000003c
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_BIRTHDATE      0x0000003d
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_EMAIL          0x0000003e
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_FN             0x0000003f
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_KEY            0x00000040
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_LABEL          0x00000041
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_LOGO           0x00000042
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_MAILER         0x00000043
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_NAME           0x00000044
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_NICKNAME       0x00000045
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_NOTE           0x00000046
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ORG            0x00000047
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_PHOTO          0x00000048
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_REV            0x00000049
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_ROLE           0x0000004a
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_SOUND          0x0000004b
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TEL            0x0000004c
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_TITLE          0x0000004d
       #define AEEVPROPERTY_IMPP           0x0000004e
       typedef uint32 AEEVProperty;