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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This property is used to initialize/change the extent of a popup window. All other state of the window is unaffected (i.e. z-order, minimized state). Note that the window manager may not honor the exact extent requested.
The payload of this property is a 12-byte buffer in the following format,

   0..3 bytes (little endian) |4..7 bytes (little endian) | 8..11 bytes (little endian)
  | flags (uint32)            | width (int32)             | height (int32)            |

where: flags => This is a bit field: bit 0: 0 -> the extent width/height values should be considered in pixels. 1 -> the extent width/height values should be considered a percentage of the display size (valid values are 0..100. Values < 0 are considered the same as 0, values > 100 are considered the same as 100). The remaining 31 bits are reserved and must be 0 width => Desired width of the window height => Desired height of the window
If this property is not supplied in IWindowMgr_CreateWindow(), the extent of the widget as returned by IWidget_GetExtent() may be used (depending on the window class)
  •    const AEEUID AEEWindowMgrExtProp_EXTENT_HINT = 0x01073d5c;