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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IKeysMapping AEECLSID_KeysMapping
By default the window manager will use the AEECLSID_KeysMapping implementation of IKeysMapping to map the wParam parameter of the EVT_KEY_PRESS, EVT_KEY and EVT_KEY_RELEASE when any modifiers are present (dwParam != 0). Providing this property upon window creation can suppress this behavior for that window.
The payload of this property is an AEEUID (little endian): 0 - suppress used of AEECLSID_KeysMapping 1 - enable use of AEECLSID_KeysMapping (default behavior)

This property may only be supplied to IWindowMgrApp_CreateWindow() when creating a fullscreen (AEEWindowMgrExt_CLASS_Fullscreen) or popup window (AEEWindowMgrExt_CLASS_Popup)
  •   const AEEUID AEEWindowMgrExtProp_KEYSMAPPING = 0x01088dfd;