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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
A fullscreen window may request the display be rotated using the AEEWindowMgrExtProp_PREFERRED_ROTATION property.
Once this property is set, the display will be rotated to the requested angle whenever this window is the topmost fullscreen window. All popup windows shown over the topmost fullscreen window will also be rotated to the requested angle (and possibly resized accordingly), regardless of which applet the popup windows originate from.
A value of AEEWindowMgrExt_ROTATION_PREVWINDOW may be used to indicate that this fullscreen window should inherit the rotation of the previous non-minimized fullscreen window in the stack (just like pop-up windows).
All visible windows are informed of screen rotation changes via the AEEWindowMgrExt_PROPEX_ROTATION IWidget property. Not all displays support rotation.
The payload for this command is an int32 (little endian). (valid values are between 0 and 359, or AEEWindowMgrExt_ROTATION_PREVWINDOW).
  •    const AEEUID AEEWindowMgrExtProp_PREFERRED_ROTATION = 0x01070e8d;