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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This property defines the priority ID of a fullscreen or popup window at the time of window creation. Windows of the same priority ID are stacked based on their order of activation.
Window manager implementations may support other priority IDs than those defined in this header file. A new priority ID should be given a unique ID from the class ID generator to avoid conflicts. Unrecognized priority IDs will be treated the same as AEEWindowMgrExt_Z_PRIORITY_NORMALNOTIFICATION by the window manager implementation.
The payload for this property is a AEEUID (little endian). The default value is AEEWindowMgrExt_Z_PRIORITY_NORMAL.
This property may only be supplied to IWindowMgrApp_CreateWindow()
  •   const AEEUID AEEWindowMgrExtProp_Z_PRIORITY_ID = 0x0106c645;