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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
Sets the suppression level for global notification windows. Fullscreen/popup windows with the default priority (AEEWindowMgrExt_Z_PRIORITY_NORMAL) cannot be suppressed. Setting this to AEEWindowMgrExt_SUPPRESS_LEVEL_NONE disables all suppression.
Window manager implementations may support other suppression levels than those defined in this header file. A new level should be given a unique ID from the class ID generator to avoid conflicts. Unrecognized suppression levels will be treated the same as AEEWindowMgrExt_SUPPRESS_LEVEL_NORMALNOTIFICATION by the window manager implementation.
The payload for this command is an AEEUID (little endian).
  •   const AEEUID AEEWindowMgrExtProp_Z_PRIORITY_SUPPRESS_LEVEL = 0x0106c644;