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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Error Codes
This topic includes basic BREW error codes.
Note: These BREW error codes are being replaced with Brew MP error codes that have a more up-to-date naming convention; see the Basic AEE Error Codes topic.
    Error                   Code               Description
    SUCCESS                 0                  No error.
    AEE_SUCCESS             0                  Operation Successful
    EFAILED                 1                  General failure.
    ENOMEMORY               2                  Out of memory.
    ECLASSNOTSUPPORT        3                  Specified class unsupported.
    EVERSIONNOTSUPPORT      4                  Version not supported.
    EALREADYLOADED          5                  Object already loaded.
    EUNABLETOLOAD           6                  Unable to load object/applet.
    EUNABLETOUNLOAD         7                  Unable to unload object/applet.
    EALARMPENDING           8                  Alarm is pending.
    EINVALIDTIME            9                  Invalid time.
    EBADCLASS               10                 NULL class object.
    EBADMETRIC              11                 Invalid metric specified.
    EEXPIRED                12                 Application/Component Expired.
    EBADSTATE               13                 Invalid state.
    EBADPARM                14                 Invalid parameter.
    ESCHEMENOTSUPPORTED     15                 Invalid URL scheme.
    EBADITEM                16                 Invalid item.
    EINVALIDFORMAT          17                 Invalid format.
    EINCOMPLETEITEM         18                 Incomplete item.
    ENOPERSISTMEMORY        19                 Insufficient flash.
    EUNSUPPORTED            20                 API is not supported.
    EPRIVLEVEL              21                 Security violation.
    EREENTERED              23
    EBADTASK                24
    EALLOCATED              25                 Application/Module left memory allocated when released..
    EALREADY                26                 Operation is already in progress.
    EADSAUTHBAD             27                 ADS mutual authorization failed.
    ENEEDSERVICEPROG        28                 Need service programming.
    EMEMPTR                 29                 Bad memory pointer.
    EHEAP                   30                 Heap corruption.
    EIDLE                   31                 Context (system, interface, etc.) is idle.
    EITEMBUSY               32                 Context (system, interface, etc.) is busy.
    EBADSID                 33                 Invalid subscriber ID
    ENOTYPE                 34                 No type detected/found
    ENEEDMORE               35                 Need more data/info
    EADSCAPS                36                 ADS Capabilities do not match those required for device 
    EBADSHUTDOWN            37                 Application failed to close properly 
    EBUFFERTOOSMALL         38                 Destination buffer given is too small
    ENOSUCH                 39                 No such name/port/socket/service exists or valid
    EACKPENDING             40                 ACK pending on application
    ENOTOWNER               41                 Not an owner authorized to perform the operation
    EINVALIDITEM            42                 Current item is invalid
    ENOTALLOWED             43                 Not allowed to perform the operation
    ENOPURCHASEAUTH         50