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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The following are the possible Bluetooth result codes
  •    AEEBT_RESULT_SUCCESS                       : Success. 
       AEEBT_RESULT_BAD_PARAM                     : Invalid input parameters
                                                    to the API.
       AEEBT_RESULT_NO_RESOURCE                   : Not enough resource to complete
                                                    current operation.
       AEEBT_RESULT_DB_FULL                       : Device database is full. 
       AEEBT_RESULT_ENTRY_EXISTS                  : An entry with same BD address 
                                                    already exists in device database.
       AEEBT_RESULT_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND               : There is no matching entry in the 
                                                  : device database. 
       AEEBT_RESULT_UNKNOWN_ERR                   : Unknown error.
       AEEBT_RESULT_INVALID_HANDLE                : Invalid handle.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OUT_OF_MEMORY                 : There is not enough memory.
       AEEBT_RESULT_ALREADY_REGISTERED            : Already registered .
       AEEBT_RESULT_NOT_REGISTERED                : Not registered .
       AEEBT_RESULT_ALREADY_CONNECTED             : Already connected .
       AEEBT_RESULT_NOT_CONNECTED                 : Not connected.
       AEEBT_RESULT_CHANNEL_NOT_FOUND             : CID does not represent a current
                                                    connection .
       AEEBT_RESULT_NOT_INITIALIZED               : Data not initialized.
       AEEBT_RESULT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED         : Module initialization failed .
       AEEBT_RESULT_INVALID_OPERATION             : Operation not allowed at this time.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS         : Another operation is still in progress
       AEEBT_RESULT_NEGOTIATION_FAILURE           : Error in negotiation.
       AEEBT_RESULT_REMOTE_TIMEOUT                : Remote device timed out.
       AEEBT_RESULT_CONTINUE                      : Continue processing OBEX request.
       AEEBT_RESULT_FINAL                         : Indicates that an OBEX command or response 
                                                    is complete.
       AEEBT_RESULT_DEV_NOT_BONDED                : Device is not bonded.
       AEEBT_RESULT_CONNECTION_REJECTED           : Connection to the remote device is
                                                  : rejected.
       AEEBT_RESULT_SERVER_CHANNEL_IN_USE         : Specified server channel is in use.
       AEEBT_RESULT_NORMAL_DISCONNECT             : Local disconnection.
       AEEBT_RESULT_REMOTE_DISCONNECT             : Remote disconnection.   
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_DISCONNECT_FAILED        : A disconnect failed probably 
                                                    because the connection did not exist.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_PUT_RSP                  : Error in response to a PUT command.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_GET_RSP                  : Error in response to a GET command.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_CONNECT_FAILED           : Connection request did not succeed.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_UNKNOWN                  : Unrecognized OBEX command.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_FOLDER_NOT_FOUND         : Indicates that folder specified for
                                                    browsing is not found.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_BROWSING_NOT_ALLOWED     : Indicates that an server does
                                                    not allow folder browsing.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_PARTIAL_CONTENT          : Obex data is not complete.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_BAD_REQUEST              : Bad obex request .        
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_UNAUTHORIZED             : Authentication was not successful.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_FORBIDDEN                : Obex forbidden.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_NOT_FOUND                : Referenced resource not found. 
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED       : Function not allowed.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_NOT_ACCEPTABLE           : Value in command not in range.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_LENGTH_REQUIRED          : Length header required in command.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_PRECONDITION_FAILED      : Obex recondition failed.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE   : Unsupported media type. 
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR    : Internal inconsistency.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_NOT_IMPLEMENTED          : Unsupported feature.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE      : Unsupported service.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_DATABASE_FULL            : Sync database full.   
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_DATABASE_LOCKED          : Sync database locked.
       AEEBT_RESULT_OBEX_CLIENT_ABORTED_COMMAND   : Server received abort command. 
       These are Bluetooth Error codes returned by APIs: 
       AEEBT_ENMASK                               : Bad event notifier mask.
       AEEBT_EPORT                                : Must map the port before setting
                                                    HCI mode.
       AEEBT_EDBFULL                              : Database is full.
       AEEBT_ERECFULL                             : Service record already full.
       AEEBT_ENOREC                               : Service record does not exist.
       AEEBT_ENOATTR                              : Service attribute does not exist.  
       typedef uint32 BTResult