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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The CaretPulse data structure provides a method for controlling the caret's blinking behavior, or pulse. With this structure the application developer has control over the rate at which the caret blinks, and how the blink appears. The blinking appearance is achieved by gradually blending the caret's foreground and background colors over time. The msTimeOn and msFadeTime members control the rate of blinking, and the nMin and nfadeSteps control the visual appearance of the blink.
  • nMin :         Minimum blend percent of the caret's foreground color
                   with its background color.  A value of 100 is all 
                   foreground and there would be no visible blinking.
                   A value 10 would be a blend of 10% foreground and 90% 
                   background at the bottom of the transition.  A value 
                   of 0 would make the caret appear fully as the background 
                   color at the bottom of its transition.
  • msTimeOn :     Amount of time in milliseconds that the caret is shown as
                   its foreground color.
  • msFadeTime :   Time in milliseconds the caret takes to do a blending 
                   transition from its background color to its foreground
                   color, and visa versa.
  • nFadeSteps :   Number of transition steps used to blend from the caret's
                   background color to its foreground color.  This controls
                   the granularity of the blending transition.
  • typedef struct {
       int nMin;
       int msTimeOn;
       int msFadeTime;
       int nFadeSteps;
    } CaretPulse;