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Brew MP 1.0.2
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AEEASN1OIDS ICertParse_GetBasic
Extended basic certificate information.
  • uTrustOverrideID:          An integer ID for use with trust override records, CertDataTrustOverride.
  • uSigAlgID:                 The ASN1OID indicating the type of signature used to sign
                                  the cert (not the type of key in the cert).
  • uStartValidity:            The start date of the cert in seconds based on GPS time.
  • uEndValidity:              The expiration date in seconds based on GPS time.
  • uBasicConstraintPresent:   If 1 the basic constraints extension is present and
                                  the following three values are valid...
  • auExtKeyUse:               ASN1OIDS of key uses. List terminated by ASNOID_END.
  • uKeyUse:                   The key use extension. 0 if none.
  • uKeyUseCriticality:        Non-zero if key use is marked a critical, zero if not.
  • uExtKeyUseCriticality:     Non-zero if extended key use is marked a critical, zero if not.
  • uVersion:                  The version of the cert. Value 2 means version 3.
  •    typedef struct CertDataBasic
          uint32        uTrustOverrideID;
          uint32        uSigAlgID;
          uint32        uStartValidity;
          uint32        uEndValidity;
          uint8         uBasicConstraintsPresent;
          uint8         uBasicConstraintsCriticality;
          uint8         uBasicConstraintsIsCa;
          uint8         uBasicConstraintsPathLen;
          uint32        auExtKeyUse[CERTDATA_MAX_EXT_KEY_USE];
          uint32        uKeyUse;
          uint8         uKeyUseCriticality;
          uint8         uExtKeyUseCriticality;
          uint8         uCertVersion;
       } CertDataBasic;
This structure is less than 100 bytes so it can go on the stack. It includes all the fields in the cert that are small. The uSigAlgID parameter is returned as an ASN1 OID, an integer mapping of an OID. The mapping is controlled by CERTDATAOPT_ASNOID_MAP. If there are more key uses in the certificate than will fit in the array, they are silently ignored by ICertParse.