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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ICertParse_GetFieldPart CertDataPartRequest
Gives the result of getting a certificate part.
  • uLength:             Is the length of the part pointed to by pcValue.
  • pcValue:             Pointer to actual part.
  • pcRawOID:            Points to unparsed OID starting with the type OID.
  • uASNOID:             Parsed value of OID if we know it. See AEEASN1OIDS defines.
  • bCriticality:        For v3 extensions only, set to true if they are critical.
  • uASN1Type:           The data type of the value from the AEEASN1OIDs.h file (for example, 
  • uRDNIndex:           In a DN this counts the RDN's. If the part was
                            found in the first RDN, this is 0.This is always 0
                            for extensions.
  • nNumInstances:       The number of instances of this OID in this field.
  •    typedef struct CertDataCertPart
          unsigned int uLength;
          const uint8 *pcValue;
          const uint8 *pcRawOID;
          uint32       uASNOID;
          boolean      bCriticallity;
          uint8        uASN1Type;
          uint8        uRDNIndex;
          int          nNumInstances;
       } CertDataCertPart;
This structure is about 20 bytes, so it can go on the stack. This is used to point to either parts of a DN (distinguished name) or to an X.509 v3 extension. Although semantically unrelated, representing and fetching them are similar. The pointers returned in this structure like the value and the raw OID all have lifetimes of the pointer of the certificate passed in.