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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This data structure is passed as dwParam along with the event EVT_CTL_CHANGING. This event is sent to the application when a specific control is changing. This allows the application to redraw any portions of the screen.
  • pc :  pointer to the control that is changing.
  • dwParam :  This is control-specific data. In the case of the ITimeCtl 
    	           interface, this specifies the current time in milliseconds.
  • bValid :  parameter that can be set by the application on returning 
    	          from this event. If bValid is set to FALSE by the application, 
    			  the control will not be redrawn based on the new value
  •  typedef struct _CtlValChange {
        IControl * pc;
        uint32 dwParam;
        boolean bValid;
     } CtlValChange;
This event is sent by specific controls only; for example, TimeCtl. See the specific controls for more information on this event