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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This data type is the object descriptor for fader class object that implements the transition interface. It extends the base transition descriptor, adding fields specific to fader transitions, defining the levels of transparency for the wrapped object at the start and of the visual fade effect. For example, a object wrapped in a fader could begin its fade out transition as mostly opaque, though partially transparent, then gradually fade to total invisibility.
  • base:   The base transition descriptor, which identifies those fields that are 
               common to all transition decorators.  The "base" field will contain a 
               pointer to the widget that is wrapped by the fader.
  • start:  This field contains the transparency factor that will be applied to the 
               wrapped object at the beginning of its fade transition.  When the fade 
               transition begins, the object will be redrawn at this level of transparency, 
               then gradually fade until the 'end' transparency level is reached.  A value 
               of 0 for 'start' would produce a fully opaque object.  A value of 1 would 
               add a small degree of transparency to the widget, 2 a little more, 3 a little 
               more... up to 255 which would render the object completely transparent (i.e., 
  • end:    This field contains the final transparency level for the object to be faded 
               at the conclusion of the fadeout effect.  The fade effect begins with a 
               transparency level of 'start', then gradually increases until the 'end' value 
               is reached.
  •    typedef struct FaderDesc {
          TransitionDesc  base;
          uint8           start;
          uint8           end;