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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- Model Events - ModelEvent
This data type extends the base model event to include focus information. It is sent to registered objects when the focus changes.
  • base:       The base model event, which identifies the event code and provides
                   the object with the listener it had previously registered with the
                   model framework.
  • focusIndex: This is an index that points to which of the objects eligible for focus
                   is now in focus.
  • numItems:   The number of objects eligible for focus.
  •    typedef struct FocusEvent {
          ModelEvent  base;
          int         focusIndex;
          int         numItems;
       } FocusEvent;
focusIndex ranges from 0 to numItems - 1. Objects which are visible and can have focus set are counted in numItems. This is widget dependent. For example in ListWidget this would be the size of the list, with each list entry being focusable. The following model events will be passed to listening objects in a FocusEvent data structure: EVT_MDL_FOCUS_CHANGE