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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The forms framework introduces a small set of BREW events that serve as a notification mechanism for removing forms from the form stack. These form specific events will be sent to objects in addition to the normal set of BREW interface events such as key press events and other UI related events. A form's event handler should be prepared to handle these events in whatever manner is appropriate for the behavior of that object. For example, the EVT_WDG_GETPROPERTY event may be sent to a form to retrieve various attributes or characteristics that apply to forms. To illustrate, a form that contains a display banner of some sort would likely respond to an EVT_WDG_GETPROPERTY event specifying WID_TITLE as the requested property type, by returning the widget responsible for displaying the form's display banner.
The table below lists the AEE event codes supported by the forms framework, identifying the data structure that will be sent with the event.
  • AEE Event Code    Description
    --------------    ------------------------------------------------------
    EVT_FORM_POP:     The base form event handler responds to this event by instructing the root
                      form to remove this form from the form stack.
    EVT_FORM_CANCEL:  The base form event handler responds to this event by sending an EVT_FORM_POP
                      event back through the form event handling hierarchy.  This gives hooked
                      event handlers an opportunity to handle the event, whereas the event would
                      eventually make it back to the base form event handler where the root form
                      would remove this form from the form stack.                  
In addition to the forms specific events cited above, the forms framework supports many of the Widget Events, such as EVT_WDG_SETPROPERTY and EVT_WDG_GETPROPERTY.