API Reference

Form Model Events

Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
The form interface defines a very small set of model events, used by the form interface to notify listening objects of changes to the form. For example, an object that has registered as a listener with the form model will receive a EVT_MDL_FORM_CHANGE if any of several characteristics of the form has changed -- the title, the title image, background color, softkey text, etc... Form model events are sent to listening objects in a FormEvent data structure
The table below lists the AEE event codes supported by the form model, describing the circumstances that generate each event and identifying the data structure that will be sent with the notification.
AEE Event Code        Description
--------------        ------------------------------------------------------
EVT_MDL_FORM_CHANGE:  The data associated with a form model has changed.  Generally, this means
                      that one or more components of the form has changed such as the title,
                      background or softkeys, as identified by the FormEvent data structure that
                      accompanies this event.  The object receiving this event will generally
                      invalidate itself so that it will be redrawn with the next screen update.  
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