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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This data type extends the base model event to include fields used by models that provide data specific to form changes. For example, an object that is interested in changes to a form's title image could register as a client of the form model, which monitors changes to the components managed by a particular form. If the form's title image changes, the model would sent events to listening objects in a FormEvent, identifying the specific event code (EVT_MDL_FORM_CHANGE) in the 'base' ModelEvent, while information specific to the event will be stored in the remaining fields of the FormEvent data structure. In this example, the event would specify that the FORMITEM_TITLE has changed.
  • base:        The base model event, which identifies the event code and provides
                    the object with the listener it had previously registered with the
                    model framework.
  • dwItemMask:  Identifies the item (or items) that are affected by the event.  For
                    example, when the event code indicates a EVT_MDL_FORM_CHANGE event,
                    'dwItemMask' identifies all those form components that have experienced
                    a change.  The form components are identified by a set of mutually exclusive bits, as follows.
  • FORMITEM_BACKGROUND     :  Form background
  • FORMITEM_TITLE          :  Form title content (either the text, image
                                                   or both)
  • FORMITEM_SOFTKEY        :  Form softkey content
  • FORMITEM_WIDGET         :  Form primary widget
  • FORMITEM_THEME_BASENAME :  Theme information utilized by the form
  • FORMITEM_STACK          :  Root form stack
  • FORMITEM_CLIENT         :  Root form client area
  • FORMITEM_ALL            :  All components of the form
  • piForm:     Pointer to the form being identified by the event.
  •    typedef struct FormEvent {
          ModelEvent  base;
          uint32      dwItemMask;
          IForm*      piForm;
       } FormEvent;