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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
The following columns are defined for the Gallery psuedo schema:
  • id - Unique Id in the Gallery DB
  • FullPath - Full file path, e.g. "fs:/shared/music/mysong.mp3"
  • DirName - Dir name only, e.g. "fs:/shared/music"
  • BaseName - Base name only, e.g. "mysong"
  • Extension - Extension only, e.g. ".mp3"
  • PlayCount - Number of times media has been played, e.g. "2"
  • Title - Title of the media, e.g. "My Song Title"
  • Artist - Artist/composer of the media, e.g. "BandName"
  • Album - Album/collection of which media is a part, e.g. "AlbumName"
  • Year - Year the media was released, e.g. "1988"
  • Comment - Text comment about the media, e.g. "Comment about this song"
  • Track - Track/order in album or collection, e.g. "1/10"
  • Genre - Genre of media, e.g. "GenreName"
  • Duration - Duration of media in seconds, e.g. "120"
  • Bitrate - Bitrate of media, e.g. "256 kbps"
  • FileSize - Size in bytes, e.g. "2354"
  • FileDate - File timestamp in epoch, e.g. 897157514
  • MimeType - Mimetype of media, e.g. "audio/mpeg"
  • MediaType - Mediatype of media, see AEEGalleryMediaTypeType
  • LastPlay - Timestamp of last play in epoch, e.g. 897157514
  • ContentId - Unique Id for DRM system, e.g., "cid:mycontentid"
  • DRMStatus - DRM status, see AEEGalleryDrmStatusType
  • DRMForwardLocked - DRM forward locked indicator, 0 or 1
  • DRMHasMetered - DRM metered indication, 0 or 1
  • DRMSRAFailed - DRM silent rights acquistion failed indicator, 0 or 1
  • DRMType - DRM restriction type, AEEGalleryDRMRightsType
  • DRMExpiration - DRM expiration, depends on DRMType
  • FileAttrib - Mask of file attributes as given by file system
  • SyncStatus - Status of each entry in the DB when sync is in progress
  • SupportStatus - Whether media is playable
  • VolumeInCollection - Volume number in a collection containing the media
  • VolumesInCollection - Total number of volumes in a collection
  •    #define AEEGALLERY_ID_COL                        L"id"
       #define AEEGALLERY_FILE_COL                      L"FullPath"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DIRNAME_COL                   L"DirName"
       #define AEEGALLERY_BASENAME_COL                  L"BaseName"
       #define AEEGALLERY_EXTENSION_COL                 L"Extension"
       #define AEEGALLERY_PLAYCOUNT_COL                 L"PlayCount"
       #define AEEGALLERY_TITLE_COL                     L"Title"
       #define AEEGALLERY_ARTIST_COL                    L"Artist"
       #define AEEGALLERY_ALBUM_COL                     L"Album"
       #define AEEGALLERY_YEAR_COL                      L"Year"
       #define AEEGALLERY_COMMENT_COL                   L"Comment"
       #define AEEGALLERY_TRACK_COL                     L"Track"
       #define AEEGALLERY_GENRE_COL                     L"Genre"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DURATION_COL                  L"Duration"
       #define AEEGALLERY_BITRATE_COL                   L"Bitrate"
       #define AEEGALLERY_FILESIZE_COL                  L"FileSize"
       #define AEEGALLERY_FILEDATE_COL                  L"FileDate"
       #define AEEGALLERY_MIMETYPE_COL                  L"MimeType"
       #define AEEGALLERY_MEDIATYPE_COL                 L"MediaType"
       #define AEEGALLERY_LASTPLAY_COL                  L"LastPlay"
       #define AEEGALLERY_CONTENTID_COL                 L"ContentId"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DRMSTATUS_COL                 L"DRMStatus"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DRMFORWARDLOCKED_COL          L"DRMForwardLocked"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DRMHASMETERED_COL             L"DRMHasMetered"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DRMSRAFAILED_COL              L"DRMSRAFailed"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DRMTYPE_COL                   L"DRMType"
       #define AEEGALLERY_DRMEXPIRATION_COL             L"DRMExpiration"
       #define AEEGALLERY_FILEATTRIB_COL                L"FileAttrib"
       #define AEEGALLERY_SYNCSTATUS_COL                L"SyncStatus"
       #define AEEGALLERY_SUPPORTSTATUS_COL             L"SupportStatus"
       #define AEEGALLERY_VOLUMEINCOLLECTION_COL        L"VolumeInCollection"
       #define AEEGALLERY_VOLUMESINCOLLECTION_COL       L"VolumesInCollection"