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Brew MP 1.0.2
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- Cell types
A grid container is, as the name suggests, a grid. In order to tell grid container the behavior of each of its rows and columns, we use GridDescriptors. This same struct is used to describe both rows and columns.
  • iFlag:            This determines the layout of the cells within the 
                         row/column described.  iFlag should be set to a
                         Cell type e.g. CELL_KEEP_EXTENT.
  • iValue:           This will be set to a value that a Cell type requires.
                         Currently, the only Cell types that require values are
                         CELL_PROPORTIONAL and CELL_FIXED.  For more detail,
                         refer to the Cell type explanation above.
  • iPaddingBefore:   This is the amount of padding the cells within the
                         row/column should have before the widget's extent begins.
  • iPaddingAfter:    This is the amount of padding, measured in pixels,
                         the cells within the described row/column should have
                         after the widget extent.  
  •    typedef struct {
          uint16 iFlag;              
          uint16 iValue;             
          uint16 iPaddingBefore;     
          uint16 iPaddingAfter;      
       } GridDescriptor;