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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- HandlerDesc
- IHandler_SetHandler()

This macro calls the event handler function contained in the referenced HandlerDesc data structure. An application that overrides an object's default event handler by supplying its own custom event handler should ALWAYS call HANDLERDESC_Call() within the custom event handler, passing in a pointer to the handler descriptor returned by IHandler_SetHandler() when the custom event handler was initially registered. The application providing a custom event handler consequently has the option of applying its own event filtering prior to, or after, the default event handler, depending on the needs of that particular object. Any hooked event handler may then, therefore, be used for pre or post event handling.
  • pdesc
    Pointer to a HandlerDesc data structure that contains a pointer to the event handler BREW should execute.
  • e
    The event code being sent into the event handler.
  • w
    16-bit event-specific parameter.
  • dw
    32-bit event-specific parameter.
   HANDLERDESC_Call(HandlerDesc *pdesc, AEEEvent e, uint16 w, uint32 dw);
   TRUE  --  The custom event handler was able to handle the event.
   FALSE --  The event was not handled by the custom event handler.
Side Effect
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