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Items marked as deprecated have been replaced by a more powerful, alternative feature. Deprecated interfaces include a reference to the replacement interface, which should be used for all new application development. Deprecated features are still supported for backward compatibility, but should be avoided when developing new applications.
Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function creates a new 'standard' object with an IVfsNode interface. The object can hold a BREW interface pointer of one specified type.
  • po
    pointer to the IActorContext interface object
  • name
    The name to give to the new IVfsNode object
  • classid
    The class id of the interface pointer which can be held by this node
  • parent
    The container which is to contain the new IVfsNode object
  • flags
    Options for the node - see "Flags values for the CreateXxx calls" above
  • pN
    [out] Address at which to store a pointer to the new node.
   int IACTORCONTEXT_CreateInterface(IActorContext * po,VfsPathElement name,AEECLSID classid,IVfsContainer * parent,uint32 flags,IVfsNode ** pN)
   SUCCESS, or standard BREW error code.
Side Effect
The new node needs to be added to its parent container after creation.
Unless ACTORCONTEXT_CREATE_PRIVATE_VTABLE is specified in the flags argument, the node shares its VTable with other nodes created using this method; therefore the VTable may NOT be modified.
The actual interface pointer must be set with IVFSNODE_SetData() after creation.
The IActorContext COPIES the name into the new node (so name may be a local variable).
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