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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

This interface in deprecated. Use the pim_IContacts interface instead.
This interface supports the ability to interact with the OEM Address Book, which is the primary address book on the device. It does not support multiple address books.
The IAddrBook Interface provides access to a collection of Address Records. An Address Record contains data stored in a collection of address fields. Each address record can be of a specific category (such as PERSONAL and BUSINESS). The list of categories supported is controlled by the OEM. You can use IADDRBOOK_EnumCategoryInit() and IADDRBOOK_EnumNextCategory() to enumerate the categories supported by the OEM.
An Address Record contains a collection of Address Fields, each of which has a FieldID and a FieldType associated with it. The FieldIDs are indicated by the data type AEEAddrFieldID. OEMs can add more field types of their own.
The same Field cannot contain more than one value. If an address record needs to store more than one HOME PHONE number, then there need to be separate address fields for each telephone number.
Similarly, if a telephone number is both a work and home number, two separate address fields are needed to represent the HOME and WORK information:

IAddrBook provides the Brew MP interface to process entries in a given address book. An address book is a collection of one or more address records.
This interface offers the capability to:
- Enumerate the address categories supported.

- Enumerate the types of fields supported.

- Add new records to an address book.

- Search the address book based on specific fields and categories.

- Browse through all records in the address book.

The IAddrBook interface can be used to access the AddressBook on the device as well as the address book on the RUIM Card when the devices supports the RUIM Card. To access the Address Book on the device, the class ID AEECLSID_ADDRBOOK must be used to create the IAddrBook interface. To access the Address Book on the RUIM Card, the class ID AEECLSID_ADDRBOOK_RUIM must be used to create an instance of the IAddrBook interface.
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This interface is deprecated. Refer to the pim_IContacts interface instead.