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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
IAppHistory_Insert(), IAppHistory_Remove(), IAppHistory_Current()
This function allows the caller to move a history entry to a new position. This function also allows moving an entry to top-visible or away from top-visible. Before moving to top-visible, this function first checks whether the app is allowed to move to top-visible using ISHELL_CanStartApplet() If the current top-visible spot is impacted by the move operation, the move will be done asynchronously. if the current top-visible spot is not impacted by the move operation, the move is done synchronously. IModel interface supported by IAppHistory notifies registered listeners about the move.
[in] Pointer to the IAppHistory Interface object.
Position where this entry needs to be moved to. It specifies the distance from the top-visible app. 0 indicates top-visible. -1 indicates move to end of the list.
  •     int  IAppHistory_Move(IAppHistory * po, int nIdx);
  • AEE_SUCCESS : No errors
    AEE_EPRIVLEVEL : if the caller has insufficient privilege
    AEE_EFAILED : if the history entry has already been unlinked from the list
    AEE_ENOSUCH: Value specified by Index is beyond the size of the current AppHistory list. To move to end of list, use -1.
    AEE_EBADPARM: invalid nIdx i.e < -1
    If attempting to move to top-visible and if the app is not allowed to move to top-visible, error codes that are returned from ISHELL_StartApplet() will also be returned here.
Side Effect