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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This method can be used to start the applet associated with the URL scheme specified. The applet will be started and will receive the EVT_APP_BROWSE_URL event. Startup behavior is identical to the IAppletCtl_Start() function.
For example. if there is an applet in the system that is registered for handling myscheme: URLs, then the following can be used to launch the applet that handles myscheme: URLs: IAppletCtl_BrowseURL(po, "myscheme:foo", 9000);
[in] Pointer to the IAppletCtl Interface object.
[in] Pointer to the URL to be used for starting the applet.
[in] Start Reason. Can be a RESCTL_REASON_XXX or a group/privilege ID. The Start Reason field is not used by Brew MP for arbitration, but can be used by the OEM to allow or deny starting of the applet. Please refer to the Resource Control Reasons topic for a list of possible reasons.
  •    int IAppletCtl_BrowseURL(IAppletCtl *pIAppletCtl, const char *pszURL, uint32 dwReason);
  • AEE_SUCCESS: if successful. EEXPIRED: if the applet has expired. EPRIVLEVEL: the caller doesn't have privileges to perform this operation. EFILENOEXISTS: if The applet has been disabled. EUNABLETOLOAD: if the OEM or the current applet won't allow loading this applet. EUNSUPPORTED: if this operation is not supported. ENOTALLOWED: OEM code won't allow the applet to start. EITEMBUSY: if the current top-visible applet will not release control. EBADCLASS: the pszURL parameter is NULL or empty. ENOMEMORY: the system is out of memory. ESCHEMENOTSUPPORTED: there is no handler for this URL scheme.
    Other errors from AEEError.h are possible - for example ENOMEMORY or EFAILED - when errors gathering the information occur.
Side Effect
  • None.