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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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ISHELL_SendEvent() AEEEvent
This function provides the main event processing for a BREW applet. It is called when any event is passed to the applet. Events can include system-level notifications, keypress events, and so on. System alarms or system notifications call this function to respond. If the applet is not currently running, the applet is loaded and the event is sent to the applet. In such cases, EVT_APP_STOP event is not sent to the applet, and unless the applet starts itself, the applet terminates after the completion of the event. The IApplet_HandleEvent() function must be implemented by all applets. The IApplet_HandleEvent() function is also used to support applet startup, shutdown, suspend, and resume.
Pointer to the IApplet Interface object.
Event code.
16-bit event-specific parameter.
32-bit event-specific parameter.
  •     boolean IApplet_HandleEvent
        IApplet * pIApplet,
        AEEEvent evt,
        uint16 wp,
        uint32 dwp
  • TRUE, If the event was handled by the applet.
    FALSE, if otherwise.
    It is very important to return FALSE if the operation did not process the event. This allows the AEE to do further processing of the event. A typical example occurs when the AVK_CLR key is received. If the application did not handle the event, the return of FALSE helps the AEE close the application.
Side Effect
  • None.
This function can be called only by the AEE Shell.