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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IArrayModel Interface
- IArrayModel_SetItems()
This function retrieves a pointer to a specific item stored in an array model. Callers provide to IArrayModel_GetAt() the zero-based index of the item to be retrieved, as well as a pointer to a pointer, into which IArrayModel_GetAt() will return a reference to the requested array item.
  • po
    Pointer to the IArrayModel interface object.
  • nIndex
    Indicates the zero-based index of the array item. The first item in the array is indexed by 0, the second is indexed by 1, and so on...
  • ppoItem
    Pointer to a pointer returned by IArrayModel_GetAt() that references the item stored at the designated index position within the model.
   int IArrayModel_GetAt(IArrayModel *po, uint32 nIndex, void **ppoItem); 
   AEE_SUCCESS   - The model was able to successfully return a pointer to the requested item.
   AEE_EBADPARM  - The requested index is not within the range of items stored in the model.
Side Effect
The pointer returned in 'ppoItem' is undefined when IARRAYMODEL_GetAt() returns AEE_EBADPARM. The fixed size of each item stored in the array model must already be known to the caller.
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