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Brew MP 1.0.2
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The IASArgs interface provides the means by which the ActionScript extension can access the ActionScript function arguments. Depending on usage context, arguments are either retreived from the IASArgs instance, or set in the IASArgs instance, exclusively.
Argument passing to ActionScript functions and ActionScript extension functions is accomplished through the use of the IASArgs interface.
When an ActionScript extension function is called, the ActionScript arguments passed to that function are through an instance of the IASArgs interface. IASArgs_GetCount can be used to determine how many arguments are being passed in the IASArgs instance. The methods IASArgs_GetAsInteger, IASArgs_GetAsString and IASArgs_GetAsObject can then be used to extract the values of the parameters in the IASArgs object. Note that argument passing using the IASArgs interface uses the equivalent of pass by value. Therefore, modification of values is to no avail for any instance of IASArgs that are being used to pass parameters into an ActionScript extension.
When an ActionScript extension wishes to call a function associated with an instance of an IASObject (by using IASObject_CallMethod), the arguments are passed to that function through an instance of the IASArgs interface. First, the extension must create an instance of IASArgs using the IASEngine_CreateArgs method. The arguments are then added to the IASArgs instance one by one using the methods IASArgs_SetToInteger, IASArgs_SetToString, IASArgs_SetToObject, and IASArgs_SetToBoolean, appropriately.