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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This method is called by the ActionScript virutal machine when a method is invoked on an extension object. The method is invoked synchronously; however, the platform should attempt to return as soon as possible to avoid blocking the player. If the platform determines that a function invoked by a CallMethod requires significant processing time, it should queue up the method invocation and return control to the player as soon as possible. Callback functions defined on the ActionScript object may be invoked by the platform to indicate (to content) when an operation has completed.
  •    AEEResult IASExtension_CallMethod(
          IASExtension* _pif,
          IASObject* obj,
          IASArgs* args,
          IASVar* var,
          const char* method
  • AEE_SUCCESS if the named method is defined by the function and it was executed without error. AEE_EBADITEM if the named method is not defined.
Side Effect
  • None.
The IASObject argument passed in this method may be stored by the extension for use at a later time. The passed IASArgs and IASVar objects must not be stored or used outside the scope of this method call.