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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IASExtension_CallMethod() IASEngine_CreateObject()
This interface is an abstract representation of an ActionScript object residing in the ActionScript virtual machine. It is used by an ActionScript extension to get and set properties on an ActionScript object and to call object methods.
This interface is used by an ActionScript extension. An ActionScript extension is a custom enhancement of the ActionScript language which implements a single ActionScript object. This interface is used by the extension to direct the ActionScript virtual machine (VM) to manipulate object properties, to request that the object's Update method be called periodically, or to call the methods of another object.
IASObject interface objects are obtained in one of two ways: 1) When the ActionScript VM calls the extension's CallMethod function, it passes an IASObject representing the extension's object handle in the VM.
2) An ActionScript extension may create a new ActionScript object by calling IASEngine_CreateObject(), which returns an IASObject interface.
Thus, an IASObject may represent the object associated with the extension itself, or another object created by the extension in response to a CallMethod call.