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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function is inherited from IParameters1_SetParam().
Side Effect
  • None
The following parameter is defined for all BNEng implementations. Some implementations may have additional parameters. IBNENG_PARAM_CACHE_SIZE: The size of the operation cache in entries. For most implementations the following are true. The cache is for modular operations and caches a number of moduli in order to speed up multiple operations with the same modulus. For public key operations this speeds up operations done repeatedly or operations done with the same key. The cache size is the number of entries in the cache. Each cache entry consumes memory so setting the cache larger results in more memory being allocated. See AEECLSID_IBNENG and other specific class id's for more details. If the value is set to IBNENG_CACHE_PICK_DEFAULT, the cache size is restored to the default for the implementation. Setting the cache size to zero disables the cache.