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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This interface provides methods to monitor and configure an existing Bluetooth connection.
Applications who register for and receive AEEBT_EV_CONN_UP can create an IBTConnection object for each connection. Applications should release these objects when they receive corresponding AEEBT_EV_CONN_DOWN.
   To create an IBTConnection object, see the instructions in the class header file.

   To register an event signal:
   1) create pMe->piConnEvSignal
   2) Register: IBTConnection_OnEventNotify (pMe->piBTConn, pMe->piConnEvSignal);

   To retrieve an event:
   BTConnEventType dEv;
   BTResult dR;
   while (IBTConnection_GetEvent (pMe->piBTConn, &dEv, &dR) == AEE_SUCCESS)
      switch (dEv)
            if (IBTConnection_GetStatus (pMe->piBTConn, &dWhatsValid, 
                                         &pMe->sConnStat) == AEE_SUCCESS)
               if (dWhatsValid & AEEBT_CONN_STAT_LINK_MODE_B)
                  // make use of new link mode
               // similarly check for other fields of interest
          // handle other events

   To toggle role switch policy on the connection:
   boolean bSwAllowed = pMe->sConnStat.bRoleSwitchAllowed ? FALSE : TRUE;
   IBTConnection_SetRoleSwitchPolicy (pMe->piBTConn, bSwAllowed);

   To make the local device master of the connection:
   IBTConnection_SetRole (pMe->piBTConn, TRUE);

   To set highest security on the connection:
   IBTConnection_SetMinSecurity (pMe->piBTConn, 

   To choose Sniff as the low-power mode for the connection with a 1-second sniff 
   interval and a 5-second idle timeout:
   IBTConnection_SetLowPowerConfig (pMe->piBTConn, AEEBT_LPM_SNIFF, 1000, 5000);

   To release the IBTConnection object:
   IBTConnection_Release (pMe->piBTConn);