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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This API retrieves a NUL terminated wide string from the data element sequence, given its index. The index can be obtained by calling IBTDevDBCustomData_GetDataIDList().
  •    AEEResult IBTDevDBCustomData_GetWideString(IBTDevDBCustomData* _me,
                                                  int             index,
                                                  unsigned int    dataID,
                                                  _wchar_t*       wszData,
                                                  int             wszDataLen,
                                                  int*            wszDataLenReq)
       _me [i]                : The Object.
       index [i]              : Index of the element in the list.
       dataID [i]             : The data ID.
       wszData [o]            : Buffer to hold the string.
       wszDataLen [i]         : Number of wide characters the buffer can hold
       wszDataLenReq [o]      : Place holder for length of buffer, in terms of 
                                number of wide characters, required to return 
                                the entire string. This includes the NUL 
    Return Values:
       AEE_SUCCESS        : Data has been copied to the buffer. If the size 
                            of input buffer is smaller than the available data,
                            partial data will be returned to the caller.
                            To retrieve the entire string, the caller 
                            should allocate the required buffer size and 
                            invoke this API again.
       AEE_ENOSUCH        : No such data element available at the given index.
       Another appropriate error code if operation was not successful
Side Effect
  • None.