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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This interface allows applications to search for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. Application can choose to filter devices based on Bluetooth device address and/or the class of device. The filter is set via IBTDiscoverer_SetDiscoveryFilter(). Applications can also request for the the name of the remote device by calling IBTDiscoverer_StartRemoteNameReq().
==H2> Usage example:

===== To create an IBTDiscoverer object, see instruction in .bid file

===== To register signal to be notified of an event

// first create the signal; // for example, use ISignalCBFactory_CreateSignal() // then register the signal: IBTDiscoverer_OnEventNotify (piBTDisc, piSignal);

===== To retrieve event

AEEBTDiscovererEvent evt; while (IBTDiscoverer_GetEvent (piBTDisc, &evt) == AEE_SUCCESS) { switch (evt.evtType) { // handle events case AEEBTDISC_EV_DEV_SEARCH_RESPONSE: // display information // if piBTEIR is not NULL, retrieve EIR data elements // like name, service class id list etc. // see instruction in header file for IBTEIR interface // Release piBTEIR, after retrieving EIR data. break; case AEEBTDISC_EV_DEV_SEARCH_DONE: // completed search. break; case AEEBTDISC_EV_NAME_REQ_DONE: { if (evt.result == SUCCESS) { IBTDiscoverer_RetrieveRemoteName(piDisc, name, // buffer to hold the name nameLen, // length of the buffer &nameLenReq); // find out the actual length of buffer // required to hold the name. } } default: break; } } // re-enable signal ISignalCtl_Enable (piDiscEvSignalCtl);

===== To Set discovery filter. Search for all devices whose ===== address ends in 1234 and whose class of service is AEEBT_COS_TELEPHONY

BDAddress bdAddrValue ={{0,0,0,0,0x12,0x34}}; BDAddress bdAddrMask = {{0,0,0,0,0xFF,0xFF}}; BTClassOfDevice CoD2Srch4Value = {AEEBT_COS_TELEPHONY, AEEBT_DC_PHONE, AEEBT_SDC_PHONE_CELLULAR}; BTClassOfDevice CoD2Srch4Mask = {0xFFFF, 0x0, 0x0}; IBTDiscoverer_SetDiscoveryFilter(piDisc, bdAddrValue, bdAddrMask, CoD2Srch4Value, CoD2Srch4Mask);

===== To start device search

IBTDiscoverer_StartDeviceSearch(piDisc, 10, // search for a max of 10 devices 30, // search should last a max of 30 seconds AEEBTDISC_DISCOVERY_TYPE_GENERAL, TRUE, // if the remote responds with EIR data, send it to app. TRUE); // interested in device ranking

===== To cancel a search that is in progress

// Application found the device it was looking for. // Does not want to find any more devices IBTDiscoverer_CancelDeviceSearch(piBTDisc);

===== To start name request procedure


===== To cancel name request procedure