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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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IPort1 IBTImagePullInitiator_GetAttachment
Asks responder for a list of images matching the filtering criteria.
When AEEBTBIPI_EV_OP_COMPLETED event is received with SUCCESS, application can extract the images list from the given port. The image handles returned from this operation can be used in other APIs that take an image handle as one of their input paramters.
To get just the number of images without the handles, set nMaxHandles to 0. In this case, piDestPort is ignored.
  • _me
    the object
  • nMaxHandles
    max number of handles to get
  • nOffset
    starting offset
  • bLatest
    TRUE to indicate only latest images are requested
  • pszFilterXML
    filtering mask conforming to image-handles-descriptor DTD
  • piDestPort
    destination for listing object
    The command has been scheduled, and AEEBTBIPI_EV_OP_INITIATED and/or AEEBTBIPI_EV_OP_COMPLETED events will be generated at a later time.
    Invalid input parameters
    In the middle of another operation.
   AEEResult IBTImagePullInitiator_GetImagesList(
                IBTImagePullInitiator* _me,
                int                    nMaxHandles,
                int                    nOffset,
                boolean                bLatest, 
                const char*            pszFilterXML,
                IPort1*                piDestPort);
Side Effect
When event AEEBTBIPI_EV_OP_COMPLETED is received the following fields of AEEBTBIPInitiatorEventType are associated with this operation: cFunc : function associated with current op cResult : result of operation nCount : number of returned handles nSize : size of images listing object nDescriptorLen : length of descriptor describing the filtering criteria used in creating the images list
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