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API Reference


Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

This interface allows applications to retrieve and monitor the Bluetooth driver configuration settings and status.

Usage example:


===== To create an IBTProperties object, see instruction in .bid file


===== To register signal to be notified of a configuration change

// first create the signal; // for example, use ISignalCBFactory_CreateSignal() // then register the signal: IBTProperties_OnChangeNotify(piBTProp, piSignal);

===== To retrieve Local device information

BTLocalInfo1 localInfo; IBTProperties_RetrieveLocalInfo(piBTProp, &localInfo);

===== To retrieve local name

char name[100]; int nameLenReq; IBTProperties_RetrieveName(piBTProp, name, 100, &nameLenReq);

===== To retrieve short name of the local device

char name[100]; int nameLenReq; IBTProperties_RetrieveShortName(piBTProp, name, 100, &nameLenReq);

===== To retrieve list of blacklisted devices

BDAddress addrList[6]; int addrListLenReq; IBTProperties_RetrieveBlackList(piBTProp, &aAddrList[0], // array of bd address 6, // number of elements in array &addrListLenReq);

===== To retrieve whitelist

BDAddress addrList[6]; int addrListLenReq; IBTProperties_RetrieveWhiteList(piBTProp, &aAddrList[0], // array of bd address 6, // number of elements in the array &addrListLenReq);

===== To retrieve list of supported services

IBTProperties_RetrieveSupportedServices(piBTProp, uuidList, uuidListLen, uuidListLenReq);

===== To retrieve local EIR data

IBTEIR *piBTEir; IBTProperties_RetrieveLocalEirData(piBTProp, &piBTEir)