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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

ICameraFrameModel is derived from IFrameModel and provides image frames from a camera. The camera image is managed by an ICamera object and wrapped by the camera frame model. Frame changes are sent to listeners, usually frame widgets.
To create a camera frame model, an application would do the following:
      1.	Create an instance of the frame widget using AEECLSID_FrameWidget.
      2.	Create an instance of the ICamera object using AEECLSID_Camera.
      3.	Set the camera size and display size using ICamera_SetSize and ICamera_SetDisplaySize.
      4.	Create an instance of the CameraFrameModel using AEECLSID_CameraFrameModel.
      5.	Set the ICamera instance on the CameraFrameModel using ICameraFrameModel_SetICamera.
      6.	Set the model on the frame widget using IWidget_SetModel.
      7.	Start camera using ICamera_Preview.

The camera frame model generates the following events:
Event                   Description
-----                   ------------------------------------------------------------
EVT_FRAMEMDL_FRAME:     The current frame has changed.