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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
ICAMERA_Start() ICAMERA_Stop() ICAMERA_Pause() ICAMERA_Resume() ICAMERA_GetFrame() ICAMERA_SetDisplaySize() ICAMERA_SetSize() ICAMERA_SetMediaData() ICAMERA_SetQuality() ICAMERA_SetAudioEncode() ICAMERA_SetVideoEncode()
This function starts the camera operation in movie mode and records a movie postcard. Movie postcard has only one frame (or same frame repeated) with background audio. The recorded frame(s) are sent to the caller during encoding of the frame(s).
Pointer to ICamera Interface.
  •     int ICAMERA_RecordMoviePostcard(ICamera * pICamera);
  • SUCCESS: Asynchronous command accepted. Check callback for result and completion. EFAILED: General failure EBADPARM: Bad parameter is passed ENOMEMORY: Not enough memory EBADSTATE: Cannot execute operation because the camera is in the wrong mode.
Side Effect
  • None.
This function is always asynchronous. This function should be called when the camera is in CAM_MODE_READY. You need to set the media data before calling this function. Also, you may want to specify active encoding, picture format and quality that should be used for encoding the movie. All the events that originate due to this API and due to the following APIs will be reported via the user-specified callback:
  • ICAMERA_Stop()
  • ICAMERA_Pause()
  • ICAMERA_Resume()
  • CAM_STATUS_START callback happens once the recording begins.
  • CAM_STATUS_FRAME callbacks happen only when CAM_PARM_LCD_DIRECT_ACCESS is not enabled.
  • CAM_STATUS_DONE callback occurs when recording is stopped.
  • CAM_STATUS_ABORT callback occurs when recording is aborted. In the callback,
  • AEECameraNotify,
  • nCmd = CAM_CMD_START ~ nSubCmd = CAM_MODE_MOVIE.