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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function sets the active video/image encoding type used to encode the recorded snapshot/movie.
  • pICamera
    Pointer to ICamera Interface.
  • cls
    Encoding class
  • dwExtra
    Extra info regarding the encoding like sub formats. If cls is CAM_ENCODE_UUID, dwExtra must point to structure of type CameraData. The data in this structure specifies the type of atom that will follow when a subsequent call to ICAMERA_SetVideoEncode is made with cls=CAM_ENCODE_UUID_DATA. For example, to set the telop text atom in the movie file, CameraData->pData would point to something like
  • follows
    {"tsml"-A88C-11d4-8197-009027087703} If dwExtra is NULL, uuid atoms that were previously set in uuid list will be cleared.
    If cls is CAM_ENCODE_SHORT_HEADER, dwExtra must point to structure of type CameraData. CameraData->pData should point to
    int ICAMERA_SetVideoEncode
       ICamera * pICamera,
       AEECLSID cls,
       uint32 dwExtra
SUCCESS: Successful. Synchronous operation completed. CAM_PENDING: Asynchronous Operation. Result is passed back to the application via the registered callback EBADPARM: Bad parameter is passed ENOMEMORY: Not enough memory EBADSTATE: Cannot execute operation because the camera is in the wrong mode. EUNSUPPORTED: Parameter is not supported EFAILED: General failure
Side Effect
This function may be synchronous or asynchronous depending on the values passed in. To get the current setting value via ICAMERA_GetParm(), see Camera Control Parameters for CAM_PARM_VIDEO_ENCODE details.
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