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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- ICardContainer - IWidget - ICardContainer_Insert
This function allows an application to remove a widget at a specific position within the card container's widget stack -- either at the top of the stack, at the bottom, or someplace in-between. For example, let's say a card container is implemented to REALLY function like a deck of cards, with each "card" containing a different widget. This container is managed by a special widget that will shuffle all the cards in the deck. Ah! But this special widget doesn't really shuffle... it's all a trick designed to randomly throw away cards (widgets). So, when the unsuspecting user selects "shuffle", the application would randomly choose one of the widgets from the card container and call ICardContainer_Remove() on that widget.
Removing the topmost visible widget from a card container -- i.e. the widget that has the current focus -- the focus will be shifted to the next focusable widget within the container.
A pointer to an ICardContainer object.
Identifies the widget that should be removed from the card container's widget stack. This widget may be expressed explicitly as a widget pointer, or implicitly as a constant that identifies a relative position within the widget stack, as follows WIDGET_ZNORMAL - Remove the default widget, which BREW interprets to be the widget at the top of the widget stack. WIDGET_ZTOPMOST - Remove the widget at the top of the widget stack. WIDGET_ZBOTTOMMOST - Remove the widget at the bottom of the widget stack.

  •    int ICardContainer_Remove(ICardContainer *pif, IWidget *pw);
       AEE_SUCCESS   --  The widget was successfully removed from the card container's widget stack.
       AEE_EBADPARM  --  The widget pointer passed in 'w' either does not exist, or refers to a widget
                         that is not in the card container's widget stack.

Side Effect
  • Removing the widget from the card container that has the focus will invalidate the region occupied by the widget.