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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
This interface was introduced in Brew MP version 1.1 and deprecated in Brew MP version 3.1.3. See ICipher1 for a description of the new interface.
The functions in ICipher enable BREW developers to perform encryption or decryption in a flexible manner without having to know the internals of the encryption algorithm.
The following header file is required:
An instance of ICipher is created using ISHELL_CreateInstance() which takes a 32-bit class id as one of the input parameters. This 32-bit id determines the type of service that ICipher provides. If ISHELL_CreateInstance() succeeds, it returns an ICipher interface pointer. This interface pointer should be used in calls to ICipher functions. Call ICIPHER_Init() to set the key. After initializing the key, call ICIPHER_Cipher() to encrypt or decrypt data. When done with ICipher, call ICIPHER_Release().
This interface is deprecated. Refer to the ICipher1 interface instead.