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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This interface implements the clipboard functionality that can be used to exchange data between applets.

IClipboard_Empty() removes all the data from the clipboard. IClipboard_GetData() copies clipboard data for the specified clipboard format to the destination buffer. IClipboard_SetData() sets or removes the data for a clipboard format. IClipboard_EnumInit() and IClipboard_EnumNext() allow the enumeration for the formats in the clipboard. IClipboard_MaxFreeBlock() returns the maximum free block size in clipboard. IClipboard_GetSequence() allows the caller to determine if the clipboard has been updated.
Apps can use IClipboard to implement cut and paste functionality. Associated events EVT_CB_CUT, EVT_CB_COPY and EVT_CB_PASTE can be used by apps to notify about the cut, copy and paste operations respectively.