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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Provides access to meta data for content files. Meta data is organized into groups identified by a unique ID. Group IDs are derived from generated, globally-unique IDs by left-shifting the value by 8 bits. Field IDs are obtained by adding an arbitrary index to the group ID, thus allowing a maximum of 256 fields per group. Implementations for a particular kind of content file may return data for any number of groups.
All field values are expressed as a wide-string. However, each field has an assumed data type specified in the comment next to its definition. The following list defines some commonly used data types. Note that the data type should be expressed exactly as it appears in this list to avoid confusion. Other data types may be used as long as the meaning is clear.
[string] Wide-string. [number] Numeric value expressed in either decimal or fraction format. Fractions must follow this form: [ ]/, where a space separates the optional whole number from the fraction. The units of numeric values should be explicitly expressed in the comments as well, but *not* in the string itself. [timestamp] Numeric GPS timestamp. [boolean] Binary value: 0 for false, 1 for true.