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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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ThresholdReleaseCriteria IController_GetTimeoutReleaseCriteria IWidget_ReleaseCapture IController IObserver_SetMaxTapDelay
This function is used to enable and set or disable the timeout based criteria for a widget releasing its pointer event capturing.
Application can set the time (in ms) using ThresholdReleaseCriteria structure. When enabled, touch controller will release the capture mode if no other gesture (live scroll, flick or tap) is detected in the specified time.
  • pif
    [in] Pointer to the IController interface object.
  • relcriteria
    [in] Structure that defines the release criteria.
   int IController_SetTimeoutReleaseCriteria(IController *pif, 
                                          ThresholdReleaseCriteria relCriteria);
   AEE_SUCCESS - If the controller is able to set timeout release criteria successfully.
   AEE_EFAILED - Otherwise.
Side Effect
Applications should ensure that the timeout set is greater than tap delay set using IObserver_SetMaxTapDelay. If the time threshold is less than tap delay then application will not receive tap/double notification when time based release criteria is set.
Application can use this function to set release criteria on controllers.
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