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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IDecorator Interface IModel Interface
This function retrieves the model that provides data to a given decorator implementation (such as the image widget, etc). The model that is returned will implement the interface for the class ID passed to the function in the 'i' parameter
IDecorator_GetModel() inherits wholly from IWIDGET_GetModel().
  • p
    Pointer to the IDecorator object.
  • i
    The class id of the model the decorator will use as a source for data.
  • ppm
    Pointer to an IModel pointer into which the function will return a pointer to the IModel interface that supports the passed class id.
   int IDecorator_GetModel(IDecorator *p, AEECLSID i, IModel **ppm);
   AEE_SUCCESS - The function was able to successfully locate the model interface
             identified by the 'i' parameter.
   AEE_EFAILED - The requested model interface is not currently declared.

A pointer to the model interface associated with the decorator implementation is returned in 'ppm', or NULL if the decorator implementation does not utilize a model interface.
Side Effect
The pointer passed in the 'ppm' parameter is a double-indirection -- i.e. it is a pointer to a pointer. Applications should use care in ensuring that the proper level of indirection is used in calling the function.
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