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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

This interface provides functions for scheduling AEECallback records to be called asynchronously. Callbacks can be queued for "immediate" execution (once the thread returns to its dispatch loop) or for execution at a specified time.
Callbacks are called "high on the stack". The dispatcher loop is driven by signals, so there will be few activiation records on the stack above the callback.
AEECallback structures are used to describe the callback (a function pointer and a context pointer) and to provide pre-allocated storage for queueing the operation. AEECallback structures also keep track of the scheduling state of the callback, so that the callback can be safely canceled at any time.
It should be noted that implementations of AEEIDispatcher are limited to safe dispatching from a single thread, because standard AEECallback semantics have no provision for cross-list locking.